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Enlighten Series: The U.S. Dollar and Its Strength

Events – 5/20/2016

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We launched our 2016 Enlighten Series with a lunch and learn entitled ‘The Dollar and its Strength: Reasons, Impact and Consequences.’ Our Manager of Education, Diane Milburn, worked with Asset Consulting Group’s Lori Mills to bring the topic to life. Gaining knowledge about the history of the gold standard is an important element in understanding the impact of the dollar.  A powerful take away was understanding the gold standard is no longer being used and what that means in the world of finance. This article from Business Insider is a good followup to the session:

Enlighten Series events are created to inform, prepare, and educate. These small-group gatherings help participants build knowledge around both important aspects of financial understanding and finance-related current events impacting our world.

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