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Ignite 2015

Events – 7/1/2015

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Ignite is an experience for young adults and professionals that combines inspiration, skills and connection to shape a meaningful career. For our second year of the program in Denver, we added several new elements to make the day even more high-impact for attendees.

House of Genius

Our morning kickoff with a mini-House of Genius session set the stage for the rest of the day. Attendees helped interior design startup Havenly think through a possible expansion of their services to college campuses. After interacting with each other for a full hour on a first-name basis, everyone was excited to fully introduce themselves at the end of the session.


The ability to connect with others is a tenet of a successful life and career. One way to make this happen is to craft your story and practice using it in networking situations. This ability makes networking a lot more genuine – and our Ignite partner ReWork delivered a fantastic session to introduce this skill to our attendees.

Reverse Panel

We brought back the reverse panel from 2014 with a twist – we did not release the bios or names of any of the featured entrepreneurs and changemakers ahead of time. Instead, drawing on the storytelling workshop, we introduced our featured guests through their stories. Our six entrepreneurs and changemakers then spent time in small groups with attendees answering questions, telling stories of their successes and failures, and offering mentorship and guidance.

Build a Career Worth Having

In 2014, this segment was a presentation. This year, we worked with ReWork to expand it into a workshop. Ignite participants reflected on where they’ve been in life and career and what they learned from their experiences. They used that information to think through some possible next steps that would draw on their strengths and interests and also align with their personal definition of meaningful work. Combined with conversations in the Reverse Panel and all the new ideas attendees were exposed to throughout the day, Build a Career was a powerful conclusion to Ignite 2015.

As one of our attendees commented after the event, “If you’re ready to challenge patterns that you’re in right now, Ignite is the place to be.”

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