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Jennifer Z. Disbennett

Portfolio Reporting Consultant

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Recruited from Mercer Investment Consulting for her deep understanding of investment data and her expertise in performance reports, Jennifer arrived at Matter in 2012. During her five years at Mercer, she compiled and reconciled monthly reports for the firm’s most complex private wealth clients. At Matter, she manages the intricacies of hedge funds, private equity, and traditional exchange-traded securities with equal poise.

Jennifer is a graduate of St. Louis University with a BSBA in accounting. Her skill with numbers is rivaled only by her command of language: she is well-versed in German and conversational in Spanish, Chinese and American Sign Language.

Quality time with her daughter and friends and family are of high priority for Jennifer, while her ‘me’ time is spent designing and creating jewelry. She balances her taste for jewelry with American muscle, frequently taking her vintage Cutlass out for a spin.

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