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Whitney M. Kenter

Partner, Managing Member

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Whitney has been reshaping the way entrepreneurial families navigate their wealth for over 20 years. She began her career working with families at KPMG, Bank of America, and Merrill Lynch before joining Matter in 2009 to help execute on a joint vision of changing the way families are advised on their wealth. Whitney got her start in finance with an Accounting degree from Kansas State University that led her to become a CPA with KPMG. A self proclaimed “reformed accountant,” her passion for collaborating with families on their big-picture wealth strategy and her skilled approach to navigating family dynamics led her to private banking and then finally to Matter.

As a Partner and Managing Member, Whitney continues to contribute to Matter’s position as a lead innovator in the multifamily office space through her leadership in Culture & Legacy Services and the development of Matter’s brand and culture. Her energy and passion extends into her varied community activities. Whitney is founding City Director for House of Genius St. Louis and serves on the board of Venture Café St. Louis, both of which allow her to work with established and aspiring entrepreneurial thinkers. She also serves as an advisor to Nexus and stays involved in the Summit community, attending gatherings at least once a year. Whitney enjoys building a community of entrepreneurs and change agents from around the world and facilitating impactful connections, while bringing back innovative ideas from her travels to share in her home communities of Denver and St. Louis. While community involvement, leadership at Matter, working with families across the country fills her days, she is first and foremost a committed Mom of three kids.

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