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Integrated and holistic


We are a different kind of family office.

Matter’s integrated, holistic approach to managing wealth puts families before finances. We help your family align on a vision and shared values, achieve a deeper understanding of your financial landscape, and build smart investment strategies that support your greater goals and family legacy.

These core elements define and differentiate our family office services, and they’re the foundation of our work with your family.

  • Exceptional Execution

    Your Matter team is built to provide you with customized care, expert advice, and exceptional execution. We engage your family in what’s important, and you can feel confident that we’re handling the details.

  • Vision, Values, and Purpose

    All the work we do is grounded in your family’s vision and values. Your Matter team helps you align on the greater purpose of your wealth, so you can set and reach financial goals that further your family legacy.

  • Integration and Understanding

    Our unique approach enables everyone in your family to understand the whole picture of their financial world. As a result, family members can make informed decisions around wealth, individually and collectively.

  • Family Cohesion

    Clear communication, effective collaboration, and mutual trust are critical to managing wealth as a family. We help you build these important skills together, so everyone in your family flourishes.


Investment Management

We create customized investment portfolios that reflect your family's vision and values.

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Wealth Planning & Coordination

Your Matter team brings strategic, sustainable, efficient solutions to the intricacies and complexities of managing wealth.

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Culture & Legacy

We help you cultivate a family culture of communication, preparation, and alignment that supports your vision and furthers your legacy.

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