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Matter Family Office is different because we have both the desire and breadth of experience to manage the technical and personal aspects of your family’s needs.

Our family office point of view is defined by the intentional integration of our wealth management services with an industry-leading approach to helping your family define its culture and legacy.

We believe that wealthy families have a foundation of basic needs related to investments, budgeting, estate, income tax and insurance. However, families need more than excellent execution of the technical aspects of wealth in order to unleash the enjoyment and opportunity that wealth can provide. We help families achieve deeper understanding of their world and greater alignment in decision making through our commitment to our family office point of view.

  • Investments, Budgeting, Estate, Income Tax And Insurance

    “Basic needs” include the management of investments and cash flow, and the structural elements of income tax planning, estate planning and insurance, among other disciplines. Matter’s service model is designed to provide your family best-of-class advice and execution of these core technical elements of family office management.

  • Integration and Understanding

    Through Matter’s integration of these activities, you are better positioned to understand your financial world more clearly and make thoughtful and informed decisions about your future plans.

  • Vision And Values

    A key element to support this decision-making process is helping your family develop a framework that involves the definition and alignment of your family’s mission, vision and values.

  • Family Collaboration

    The powerful combination of these three elements sets the stage for a family that collaborates and enjoys the responsibility and legacy that wealth provides.


Investment Management

The professionals at Matter can help you build a more streamlined, cost efficient and productive investment plan. Working together, we can reduce your expense load as we increase global diversification and liquidity.

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Wealth Planning & Coordination

Matter serves as your family’s Chief Financial Officer, coordinating with your team of advisors to identify financial issues and opportunities. Together, we execute family decisions regarding lifestyle, legacy and philanthropy.

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Culture & Legacy

With programs tailored for family members age six through adulthood, Matter engages all generations in meaningful communication that guides future financial moves.

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