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Culture & Legacy

Preserving Your Legacy Across Generations


Modern research has shown that approximately 90 percent of the wealth in affluent families is dissipated by the third generation.

Committing to a culture of engaging all family members around the responsibilities and opportunities that come with wealth significantly improves your odds of executing your vision for the future.

Matter helps your family nurture its culture and define its legacy through collaborative wealth management. We have developed a unique model that integrates the technical aspects of a family office (investments and wealth planning & coordination) with the preparation, communication and impact services that empower you and your family to confidently steward your wealth.

  • Preparation

    There’s no wrong time to begin learning. Matter’s focus on helping all family members improve their understanding of financial and wealth concepts provides a solid foundation for good decision making.

    Skills Development

    Personalized, age-appropriate opportunities organized by our Manager of Education.

    Peer-Level Mentoring and Education

    We engage your adult children with our financial consultants to provide early financial planning and preparation for beneficiary and future trustee roles.

    Matter-Created Content

    Programs such as Ignite for early-career adults, the Enlighten Series of topical small-group gatherings, and other unique event experiences to inspire and inform, as well as whitepapers and other content on a variety of topics.

  • Communication

    We help your family build a platform for effective communication, instilling confidence that the legacy you envision is woven into the fabric of your family.

    Values Retreat

    In this process, we lead a family discussion to help you create a vision and values for your family. These points serve as your family’s guide for joint decision-making.

    Governance Structure

    We facilitate the creation of a governance structure and process for decision-making in the family based on your vision and values.

    Family Meetings and Skills Development

    We provide a format for family meetings that is interactive and meaningful in supporting the family’s culture, opportunities for multigenerational decision-making practice (such as a multi-gen investment committee), and skills development to enhance listening and communication within the family.

  • Impact

    Today, establishing how you want to have an impact involves an integrated web of opportunities including investments, career, philanthropic activities, academic endeavors and political influence. We help you organize your thoughts into an integrated strategy that addresses what impact you want to have, where you want to have it and how you want to realize it. We combine our extensive network with yours to help leverage the execution of your objectives, all within the framework of your family’s vision, values and resources.

Build a sustainable culture for your family.

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