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Culture & Legacy

What matters most


Matter families invest in themselves.

When you choose to work with Matter, you commit to building a family culture of communication, preparation, and alignment—and we commit to supporting your journey.

Matter was founded to help families like yours thrive, generation after generation, by avoiding the pitfalls of wealth transitions and inheritance management. Through our integrated, holistic approach to managing wealth, we educate and empower your family to make intentional decisions together and prepare each individual for the path ahead.

  • Communication

    Communicating effectively is the foundation of sustainable families. Matter guides your family through exercises that build good communication, promote collaboration and trust, and provide a firm foundation for effective goal-setting, transition-planning, and decision-making.

    We help your family define the things that matter most, individually and collectively, articulate shared values and the greater purpose of your wealth, and set goals and objectives for our work together. All this contributes to family meetings that are dynamic, purposeful, and foster multi-generational collaboration and input.

  • Preparation

    Preparing the rising generation for wealth is as critical as managing it. From quick tutorials to personalized discussions and materials for family members of all ages and abilities and financial skill levels, Matter helps each member of your family understand their wealth and build a solid foundation for informed decision-making together.

    Your Matter team members also build meaningful relationships with the young adults in your family to help prepare them for beneficiary, inheritance, and future trustee roles.

  • Alignment

    Aligning wealth plans with values and purpose increases impact. Your Matter advisors are your family’s thought partners as you navigate everything from investments and philanthropic activities to career plans and political influence. We help you see the breadth of your opportunities and create an integrated strategy that addresses the impact you want to have and the legacy you want to leave as a family.

Leave a lasting legacy.

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