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Investment Management

Your Personal Chief Investment Officer


When you have the right information and the right partner, you can invest with clarity and conviction.

Matter empowers families to do just that, drawing from our independent and proprietary research, along with solid investment insights from the most respected endowments, institutions and single-family offices.

Independent in Practice, Institutional in Approach

Our investment philosophy and process is driven by Matter’s investment committee. This collaborative team of investment minds is responsible for defining our firm’s view, as well as identifying solutions for strategic and tactical opportunities in your family’s investment portfolio. With objective independence, we ground our investment services in a philosophy that is predicated on the following beliefs:

Endowment Approach

Matter builds sophisticated portfolios designed to participate in global economic growth in a way that aligns with the proven investment activities of highly respected university endowments and foundations. We scrutinize all asset classes to capitalize on inefficient markets and match solutions – whether passive, active, traditional or alternative – that offer the best opportunities to improve returns relative to risk and cost.

Preserve and Protect

We place a high priority on the preservation of capital, rather than searching for “home run” returns that can create unintended and sizeable risk. This risk-adjusted focus on investment performance ensures the wealth you have created will grow in a manner that balances the security you seek with the opportunities your wealth can provide.

Smarts, Skills and Access

Our experience, scale and independent approach provide Matter unique access to today’s most-respected investment managers and capital markets research. This power ensures your family benefits from customized solutions designed with your unique objectives in mind.

Conflict Free, Cost Aware

Our only compensation is the fee we receive to advise your family. No products and no commissions mean no conflicts of interest. Our recommendations are completely objective, which frees us to focus on other opportunities in your portfolio, such as improving tax efficiency and reducing expenses.
  • Strategy Alignment

    Your Matter team invests time to gain a thorough understanding of your net worth, then collaborates with your family to align the needs, risks and expectations you have for your investment portfolio. We analyze your current holdings, evaluate the appropriateness of asset location, and identify any unique constraints or family values that help further define your investment strategy.

  • Portfolio Creation

    We provide you with a variety of portfolio scenarios and stress tests to identify a portfolio and asset allocation plan that aligns with your family’s investment strategy. This serves as the basis for completing your family’s investment policy; a framework we create together that will help govern current and future recommendations.

  • Portfolio Implementation

    Recommended modifications to your portfolio, including manager-level investment solutions, are made to you in a manner that provides you with a clear explanation of rationale, costs, and maximization of after-tax returns. We oversee the implementation of accepted recommendations, taking into account opportunities to tactically rebalance positions by taking advantage of market dislocations, harvesting losses for future tax benefits, and minimizing transaction costs.

  • Performance Communication

    Our performance reporting system – combined with proactive communication – is intended to offer you more than just a report of an investment return. We strive to help you understand what you own and why you own it. We provide timely feedback and opinions on investment solutions, capital markets and the tactical opportunities and risks that could impact your investment strategy. You also have mobile access to our reporting system, which provides up to date and detailed information on your investment assets and performance.

Invest with clarity and conviction.

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