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Wealth Planning & Coordination

Putting Plans to Work


We pride ourselves on capturing all of the details of your financial world and helping your family make sense of them.

In this capacity, Matter serves as your family’s Chief Financial Officer. We support your family in a myriad of wealth-related activities, including financial, estate and tax planning, cash flow analysis and budgeting, risk management and insurance, oversight of accounting functions, and many more. You can rely on us to proactively coordinate the many facets of your financial world, giving you peace of mind.

Matter is all about producing strong, sustainable, cost-efficient solutions from the highest level of thought leadership to the smallest detail. We keep up-to-date on the intricacies of the financial world while coordinating your family goals, estate plans, income tax preparations, insurance needs, business interests, investments, and day-to-day issues.

Collaborating with your advisors, we bring everyone together to ensure effective implementations of family plans. This comprehensive, solutions-focused oversight and execution plays a crucial role in helping families navigate life’s challenges.

  • Financial Analysis

    Whether we are analyzing budgets to meet your lifestyle needs or evaluating a new purchase, we will help you find and execute the best solution.

  • Income Tax

    Through coordinating the day-to-day aspects of your finances, we gather and communicate information to your CPA in real time. This makes your year-end process of gathering documents or quarterly fillings more efficient.

  • Estate

    Working seamlessly with your attorney, we help you think through the intricacies of your estate plan and ensure it aligns with your current vision and values.

  • Risk Management

    We help you identify your risks and discuss the appropriate level of mitigation for each risk. Then, we provide options for solutions and providers to help meet your needs.

  • Results

    Having a neutral party as a sounding board adds value to your financial plan year after year. You will have the confidence that you’ve found best-in-class solutions that are customized to meet your specific needs.

Translate your goals into tangible financial plans.

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