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Kathy Lintz Discusses Delayed Gratification, Summer Jobs and Allowance on Bloomberg Radio

Thought Leadership, News – 5/13/2016

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The Bloomberg Advantage radio program explored the benefits of delayed gratification, summer jobs, and allowance with Matter’s Kathy Lintz on May 13. The podcast can be found here: Matter helps families explore these strategies as part of its role in preparing individual family members to be successful on their own paths. Building financial skills creates the infrastructure for sustainability of wealth and culture across generations.
Summer can be an ideal time to focus on these critical skills, whether it is through institution of a regular allowance, increased household chores for children of all ages, or pursuit of summer jobs or volunteer activities for teens and college students. Allowance teaches children to understand work and reward and practice budgeting, saving, and giving. Chores teach children practical life skills and the honor and expectation of contributing to the running of the household. Through summer jobs and volunteering, young people learn the value of a job well done as well as to be resourceful, listen and follow instructions, meet deadlines, be on time, and navigate bosses, colleagues, and customers. These experiences will form the cornerstone of lives enriched by contribution through work, philanthropy, and volunteering.
Matter’s financial preparation program for children includes a guide to Allowance, which can be found here.

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