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Investment Management

Intention and impact


Matter families invest with clarity, conviction, and purpose.

Your Matter team takes time to get to know your family. Then, we get to know your wealth. With this depth of understanding, we provide customized guidance, insights, and advice that empower your family to invest confidently and intentionally.

These tenets guide our investment philosophy:

Endowment Approach

Matter builds sophisticated portfolios with a broad range of asset classes, designed to help your family capitalize on global economic growth while minimizing costs and risk.

Preserve and Protect

We balance security with opportunity by preserving your family’s capital rather than searching for “home run” returns that can create sizable and unintended risk.

Smarts, Skills and Access

Our experience, scale and independence grant us unique access to the most respected investment managers and capital markets research available.

Conflict Free and Cost Aware

No products and no commissions mean no conflicts of interest. Our only compensation is the fee we receive to advise your family, so our recommendations are completely objective.
  • Strategy Alignment

    Your Matter team works with your family to assess the needs, risks, and expectations you have for your investment portfolio. We analyze your current holdings, evaluate asset location, examine unique opportunities and constraints, and create an investment strategy that aligns with your family’s vision, values, and wealth goals.

  • Portfolio Creation

    We guide you through scenarios and stress tests to identify a portfolio and asset allocation plan that aligns with your investment strategy. Your team provides clear explanations for all the strategic recommendations we make, so you always understand rationale, costs, and maximization of returns.

  • Implementation & Management

    We oversee the implementation of all accepted recommendations and seize opportunities to tactically rebalance positions by taking advantage of market dislocations, harvesting losses for future tax benefits, and minimizing transaction costs.

  • Reporting & Communication

    We proactively advise and provide feedback on opportunities, markets, tactics, and risks that could impact your investment performance. And our mobile performance-reporting system helps you track your assets in real time, wherever you are.

Invest with clarity and conviction.

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