At Matter, we believe successful families truly thrive when they develop their human capital along with their financial capital. We are committed to helping them do both by continuing to expand and evolve our innovative, industry-leading family culture and learning services. 

On October 1st, Matter added a chief learning officer (CLO) to our leadership team and began a search for a family learning consultant. These new team members will lead our culture and learning work and develop new services, programs, and content to engage and inspire our learning families. 

We sat down with Matter’s new CLO, Courtney Pullen, to talk about his new role, what Matter’s investment in C&L means for Matter families – and how it could benefit our industry as a whole.

1. Matter is committed to helping families develop their human capital along with their financial capital. Can you explain what you believe is so important – and unique – about this work at Matter? 

Dealing with wealth is hard. It can be emotionally charged for families, and it can exacerbate preexisting fault lines and create upheaval. For this reason, family offices need to provide strategic support on both sides of the money – behavioral and technical. When we only focus on the technical side, it’s doing families a great disservice. 

Matter took a stand more than a decade ago to work with families holistically and support their human capital as well as their financial capital. It’s common sense, but it’s not common practice – it’s a unique value proposition in our industry.

2. You’ve been supporting Matter families as a consultant for the past 10 years. How do you see your role changing as CLO?

This role allows me to have a greater impact and to build deeper relationships with the Matter team and the families we serve. Families that want to be legacy families, and reliably pass on their sense of values and purpose along to the next generation, need to be learning families. What I mean by that is, they’re willing and excited to embark on a learning journey together – to understand more about their wealth, their values, and each other. I’m thrilled to be a bigger part of that journey.

3. In addition to the new CLO position, Matter is adding a family learning consultant to the team. What excites you most about the firm’s deeper investment in family culture & learning talent?

I see this work as having a tremendous effect on the families we serve. Broadening the C&L team and providing more support and structure around the work will enable us to make the experience even more meaningful and significant for families. We’ll be able to provide more educational opportunities and really step back and be even more thoughtful and strategic about how we uniquely approach learning with each Matter family.

I also think this investment in C&L is going to get people’s attention in the industry. If it opens up people’s eyes to the possibilities, and competitors start to really invest in this work too, that’s a win. Not only are we helping Matter families, but this could positively affect even more people. I hope it’s a conspiracy of value.

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