Investment Management
Family Culture & Learning
Wealth Planning & Coordination

Simplify the complex.

Matter believes wealth planning should be a seamless, efficient, and positive experience for families.

We streamline your financial world through our technical expertise, organization, and coordination, and help you build and activate a family strategic plan that realizes your wealth vision and supports your goals.

Your Matter team provides the insights and information you need to make thoughtful decisions around wealth and navigate its complexities. We collaborate with your other advisors to be sure everyone is informed, involved, and on the same page—and we make sure your family’s values drive all the work we do together.

Wealth Planning & Coordination

We support your family across these areas and more.

Financial Analysis & Planning

We manage your entire balance sheet. Whether we are analyzing cash flow and budgets to meet your lifestyle needs, modeling asset growth for legacy or philanthropy planning, or evaluating a new purchase, your Matter team helps you find and execute solutions that are right for your family.

Multigenerational Estate Planning

We work with your attorney(s) to think through the intricacies of your estate plan and administrate it in ways that reflect and realize your family's goals.

Income Tax Strategies & Coordination

We coordinate with your accountant(s) to support your family with income tax strategies, simplify the complexities of the tax process, and save you time.

Asset Protection & Risk Management

We work to proactively identify risks and recommend solutions and providers that help mitigate them.

Philanthropy Planning & Implementation

We help your family create and execute a strategic, intentional giving strategy that aligns with your values and wealth purpose. Learn more about our approach here.