Investment Management
Family Culture & Learning
Wealth Planning & Coordination

Realize the strength of your family.

Your human capital is your most valuable asset.

Matter will guide your family on a journey of learning and growing together that enables you to build resilience, weather transitions of all kinds, and prepare for the path ahead.

Your Matter team helps you to identify and align on what matters most to you, as individuals and as a family. Our work together fosters trust across generations and supports thoughtful inheritance and succession planning, so your family flourishes along with your wealth.

Our approach is dynamic, purposeful, and collaborative.

Vision, Values, Purpose

We help your family articulate a shared vision, values, and wealth purpose that enable you to make intentional decisions together.


We work with you to develop family communication and collaboration skills, so you can have transparent, positive conversations around wealth, now and in the future.

Family Meetings & Governance

We plan and facilitate productive, enjoyable family meetings and help you create guidelines and strategies for collaborative, efficient decision-making.

Lifelong Learning

Matter families are learning families. We bring financial-skills education to every generation and help family members feel confident, informed, and empowered.