Investment Management
Family Culture & Learning
Wealth Planning & Coordination

Invest strategically, with clarity and purpose.

At Matter, we’re long-term investors focused on assets with great potential to achieve your family’s objectives.

We analyze your current holdings, examine unique opportunities and constraints, and create investment policies that align with your family’s vision, values, and wealth goals. Then, we select and manage your investments strategically and intentionally.

Our network is independent and unbiased, and our team is committed to finding the right investment solutions for each family member’s portfolio.

We think of investment management as a continuous cycle that includes:

Strategic Planning

We provide an in-depth understanding of your entire balance sheet and entity structure and show you how everything works together to realize the objectives in your family strategic plan.

Asset Allocation & Management

We create portfolios across diverse asset classes and entities, and provide day-to-day management, including disciplined rebalancing, liquidity planning, and trade execution.

Manager Selection

We identify institutional investment solutions, including active and index managements as well as public and private investments, that will best meet your family’s goals.

Consolidated Reporting

Your Matter team provides consolidated reporting, oversight, and review of all of your family’s assets, so you can see your entire financial world in one place.

Ongoing Communication

We proactively advise and provide feedback on opportunities, markets, tactics, and risks that could impact your investment performance, to help you make good decisions.