Legacy and Learning

Matter has recently made a decision that has significant meaning even if the result seems like an insignificant change. We take a comprehensive, integrated approach to managing wealth and have framed this as follows: Investment Management, Wealth Planning & Coordination, and Culture & Legacy. Truth be told, as we have learned more about what makes families successful and thrive, the word legacy does not capture the entirety of this critical aspect. The Oxford Dictionary defines legacy as “a gift of property by will, a bequest; or anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.” As our Culture & Legacy team was discussing the word, we agreed legacy does not align with the goals we hope to achieve for our client families. Legacy is something that feels set in stone. A legacy is immobile, permanent, unchangeable. A legacy is something given from one generation without input or participation from future generations. It is a passive gift. While creating a legacy has value, it does not align fully with our intent.

We believe families are dynamic and that every generation of a family adds to their family’s culture and success. We are much more interested in family learning than family legacy. Where legacy is static and unchangeable, learning is dynamic. Each generation participates in their family’s learning. As successful families transfer wealth to succeeding generations; they transfer more than financial capital. They also transfer human, intellectual, and social capital. Children and grandchildren add to this as they learn from their family and their own experiences. It is learning, not legacy, that empowers a family to thrive for generations. This is why we have chosen to rename Matter’s Culture & Legacy offering as Culture & Learning. Our team looks forward to continuing to enable and empower every generation of your family to learn together.

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