Invest sustainably, effect change.

Matter’s sustainable investing practice reflects the individual values and goals of the families we serve and our commitment to creating positive change.

By applying an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) lens, we seek to generate great returns and reduce risk for Matter families—and benefit the people, communities, and environments they care about.

Sustainable & Impact Investing
Matter’s impact portfolios are built on investments that benefit the global ecosystem.
Thierry Brunel, Managing Director

Personal Impact

Matter helps you allocate your capital sustainably and intentionally, to both improve society and meet your personal goals.

Great Purpose

Great investments aspire to great purposes. We work to find investments that generate value for all stakeholders: customers, communities, employees, and shareholders.

Rapidly Evolving

The demand for sustainable investments is changing the way the financial community measures impact and results. Matter families benefit from our active, engaged, and forward-looking perspective.

No Trade- offs

By looking carefully at potential outcomes for all stakeholders, risks and opportunities become clear. We believe proactive, comprehensive ESG analysis generates competitive, market-rate returns for Matter families.