While they were looking for a strategic thought partner to guide them through important decisions, they also wanted to free up time they were spending pouring over balance sheets and coordinating with tax and estate advisors. And they needed help shaping a strategy for sharing financial wealth with their children, recent college graduates, in ways that would be mutually positive over time. 

When we began our work with the Franklins, their Matter team:  

  • Provided an in-depth review of their whole financial world, outlining opportunities and risks to address in the short and long term 
  • Assessed their existing professional support (accountant, estate attorney, CPA) to make sure technical execution was seamless and best in class
  • Helped the family develop, communicate, and align on a shared vision and purpose for their wealth as well as a set of values to fuel their strategy and shape their legacy
  • Worked with them to develop a Family Strategic Plan that would support and grow their financial and human capital intentionally, for generations 

Matter’s ongoing support prioritizes communication and efficiency, so they can make smart decisions without feeling mired in the details.

Since then, we’ve been working with the Franklins to activate their Family Strategic Plan, reevaluating and evolving it together as we go. Matter’s ongoing support prioritizes communication and efficiency, so they can make smart decisions without feeling mired in the details, and endeavors to prepare everyone for their upcoming wealth transition. They are thrilled with their financial returns, and they feel confident that their wealth is being managed thoughtfully and effectively.

Our team:  

  • Provides strategic investment advice and consolidated financial reporting to all family members as appropriate
  • Co-leads and collaborates with their accountant, estate attorney, and CPA to be sure all details are handled efficiently and effectively
  • Provides education for the rising generation to help them embrace financial independence and wealth responsibility
  • Facilitates family meetings to benchmark progress, prepare for milestones like weddings and home purchases, and share family stories and history

The Franklins feel confident that their Family Strategic Plan is being activated successfully and purposefully. The children now have their own dedicated Matter teams helping them to manage their portfolios, make sound financial decisions, and plan for the future. As the senior Franklins prepare for retirement, and their children navigate life as new parents, everyone feels poised and ready for the path forward together.

The information above is based on actual client situations but names and facts have been altered for privacy purposes.