Andrew Sebastian, CFA, MBA

Associate Director of Portfolio Management

Andrew joined Matter’s St. Louis office in 2017, bringing experience in financial modeling and advisory operations from Wells Fargo. His skills in Excel and coding, and his deep knowledge of Matter’s rebalancing and trading systems, are invaluable to our work providing families with exceptional portfolio management and trading solutions.

A lifelong learner, Andrew earned a dual BS in biology and psychology from the State University of New York at Albany, an MS in economics from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and an MBA in finance from Washington University, in St. Louis. He enjoys bringing unique insight to Matter’s work with families and has a knack for making complex ideas simpler and easier to understand.

Andrew’s interests continue to span finance, economics, investing, psychology, biology, and history. He’s an avid reader, with a particular penchant for books by Nassim Taleb, Thomas Sowell, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, and Friedrich Hayek. When he’s not supporting our Matter team (or consumed by a good book) Andrew enjoys rooting for the New York Yankees and quoting Goodfellas.

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Andrew Sebastian, CFA, MBA

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