Lisa Y. Hauck, CFP®

Managing Director of Finance & Operations

Lisa has the distinction of being Matter’s second employee. She helped Kathy start the firm in 1990 and has performed nearly every business function over the past three decades. Lisa continues to serve Matter across many areas, including compliance, controller, human resources, and corporate insurance, and helps keep our firm running smoothly.

Lisa graduated from the University of Missouri with a BSBA in finance. While she focuses most of her energy and attention on firm management, she continues to maintain her CFP® certification to stay fluent in the financial complexities Matter client teams and families face.

A time management expert, Lisa spends free moments on the yoga mat, the disc golf course, and enjoying time with family. Her yoga practice provides her with a sense of wellbeing, strength, and calm, while disc golf has proved to be a great way to have fun and stay fit. She and her family love discovering and exploring new parks and hearing live music of all kinds, and Lisa and her husband enjoy attending local charity auctions each year to support the St. Louis community.

Maddie Atherton, JD, MBA

Senior Financial Consultant

Kate Awbrey, JD

Associate Director

Ryan M. Blackburn, CFP®, CAP®

Partner, Managing Member

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Partner, Chief Investment Strategist
Every family we work with gets the very best of Matter. We live our values and build authentic relationships with the families we serve.

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Lisa Y. Hauck, CFP®

Managing Director of Finance & Operations

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Associate Director

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Suzanne V. Kasten

Tax Coordinator

Ashley Kastler

Client Service Consultant
We share our knowledge with families and each other and show up every day with curiosity, positivity, and appreciation for the work we do.

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Portfolio Reporting Consultant

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Financial Consultant

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Client Service Associate

Matthew A. Kuykendall

Managing Director of Operations & Technology

Julie Lampe

Client Service Consultant

Charles LiMandri

Senior Analyst

Katherine B. Lintz, CFP®

Partner, Managing Member

Connie Lucks

Administrative Support

Diane Milburn

Manager of Family Education

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Reporting Analyst

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Financial Consultant

Kirby Ott, MBA

Partner, Managing Member

Patti Peters, IACCP®

Chief Compliance Officer

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Chief Learning Officer, Advisor

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Financial Consultant

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Administrative Support

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Project Coordinator