Jennifer Z. Disbennett

Manager of Employee Experience

Matter recruited Jen from Mercer Investment Consulting in 2012, for her deep understanding of investment data and performance reporting for complex private wealth clients. She spent her first eight years at Matter managing the intricacies of hedge funds, private equity, and traditional exchange-traded securities for our families, which she tackled with precision and poise.

In 2019, Jen transitioned to her current role as Matter’s manager of employee experience and led the successful rollout of our new project management system. She focuses on making our processes more efficient and effective, and she’s responsible for hiring, training, and supporting Matter associates. Jen also leads our internal culture team, a group tasked with spreading joy across the firm. She’s dedicated to making sure Matter is a place where employees thrive and can do their best work for the families we serve.

Jen graduated from St. Louis University with a BSBA in accounting. Her skill with numbers is rivaled only by her passion for learning languages; she has studied German, Spanish, Chinese, and American Sign Language. She is on the board of Perennial, a St. Louis nonprofit dedicated to creative reuse, which appeals to her practicality and her love of crafts. Jen loves creating—whether it’s coloring with her kids, making jewelry, or weaving on a loom—because it relaxes her and the final product always sparks happiness. She also likes to get outside and explore St. Louis neighborhoods and parks with her husband, children, and two dogs.

Maddie Atherton, JD, MBA

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Partner, Chief Investment Strategist
Every family we work with gets the very best of Matter. We live our values and build authentic relationships with the families we serve.

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Managing Director

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Jennifer Z. Disbennett

Manager of Employee Experience

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We share our knowledge with families and each other and show up every day with curiosity, positivity, and appreciation for the work we do.

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Matthew A. Kuykendall

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Client Service Consultant

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Katherine B. Lintz, CFP®

Partner, Managing Member

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Project Coordinator